Coding Melody - Projects

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    Awesome Weather

    March 2019

    This is a Single Page APP, Utilized the OpenWeatherMap API to showcase the weather and forecast information. Front-end HTML5, Back-end NodeJS.

    [Github Repo]
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    Coin Raiders

    February 2019

    It's a hackathon game that helps introduce kids to computer science. It’s a real-time multiplayer web game made within 24 hours from the team that formed onsite.

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    Let’s Go My Dark Lord

    October 2018

    Game crafted within 48 hours independently as part of the Game Jam.

    [Github] []
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    Augest 2017

    This is a web crawler can fetch the specific Douban user’s movie rating and reviews and export to a Excel file.

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    January 2017

    It’s a Minimal static pages generator Golang app which generate pages from markdown files with little extra JSON header. My blog is powered by Goblin.

    [Github] [Live Demo]
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    Fire in Cage

    December 2014

    This game is made within 48 hours independently is part of the Ludum Dare Jam (LD31).

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    Crash of Ah

    April 2014

    It’s a iOS voice control game. It’s promoted by a famous Youtube Channel.

    [Apple App Store]
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    Voice Fighter

    July 2011

    This game went in Top 50 in China App Store. Not available for download any more.

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    EggMan Jump

    April 2011

    It's an Android game. A funny and challenging jumping game!